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  1. · Artichokes are hard. I sort of just fumble around with them until they become edible. I think I need a trained person to show me how to properly disassemble one of the bect.ssKitahen disaster: I one time put a 9X13 baking pan in the oven with a plastic lid on. It melted down into my mac and cheese I was drunkenly trying to heat up and then caught on fire.My girlfriend forgave me eventually.

  2. The post was about the mistreatment of bw. Strangely, Dr Queen starts talking about white dude boxing. And the point about mistreatment of FLOTUS goes out the window. Just goes to show you that even some bw would rather talk about anything except mistreatment of bw. smh

  3. Taking into account the fact that letters were inspired by God through the Holy Spirit (I Tim 3:16), I definitely think Paul was aware that his words would have an impact on people for many years. If God told me to write something, I would think it was pretty important enough that it would be around for awhile.

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  5. I feel so guilty buying shit for myself, especially now that I don't work. Trust me, when I worked, I'd be like, “I had a crappy week at work. I DESERVE some cute flats from Nordstrom!” and I'd go buy them.Now? I'm stoked just to get a cup of Starbucks.

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  7. Na primeira vez que vi nem tinha percebido que elas eram gordinhas, talvez abertura de perna esteja um pouco ''exagerado'' mais nada que me incomode, vindo da VOGUE Paris, achei elas lindas!

  8. Hola, a mi ha funcionado, aunque me sale el sig. mensaje al enviar:Warning: copy(archivos/sapo-767155039.jpg) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/forma2/contactenos-v3/contactenos-v3.php on line 97Que puede estar pasando?

  9. I enjoyed reading your write up so much!! Love the part about how the sparkle in his eyes put Christmas lights to shame. I laughed out loud at so many parts and nodded constantly with total understanding of what you say. Yep, Christmas is here by golly… it’s August ya know! This year, I think Christmas will carry over into January (like it did last year… and some), but this time, it may just not ever stop again! David needs to write a new song called the 12 months of Christmas.

  10. I feel your pain Fergus! I had two 8s in my round on Saturday and ended up shooting 89. I was close to opting for an NR too. The most annoying thing is that I hit the ball really well for about 12 holes at various times in the round. My putting was a comedy of errors and I’m so bad right now that I’d make Lee Westwood look good. Oh well, there’s almost next week.

  11. Whoops that’s just a simple hotkey I setup to add a subsurf modifier. The hotkey by default exists as “CTRL + a number”. Example: “CTRL + 1″ adds a subsurf mod with 1 subdivision to selected objects. “CTRL + 2″ adds a subsurf mod with 2 subdivisions to selected objects.

  12. What a lovely and very appropriate analogy. I suspect you just finished NaNo successfully! Good for you. I’m thinking winning first place in a national/international contest should give you an inkling that not only do you have what it takes to get to the table, you jumped up on it, and danced!!Keep dancing girl! You’re awesome!

  13. to her son as he tentatively, on wobbly legs, left the house for his first dance, “Do the kind thing. You can never go wrong doing the kind thing.” Will the ravenous, Tourettian bitch rant hateful in the privacy of friends? Absolutely. She is the star of brunches, expected to go on. But I will stop my public slaughter–out of respect for you and your story, my hero Stephen Sondheim, and the frailty of the artists’ spirit. I thank you for the haunting. I am most hopefully changed, and I love it.

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  15. on I’m not sure why but this web site is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

  16. slamfu Remember guys, Mittens thought he was talking to friends and backers, so, you know, he let some true feelings out. Apparently he is a slow learner about being on tape/video with those kinds of comments when he thinks its just his old boy network listening. That or he didn’t get the Nov 7th GOP memo about pretending to have a little respect for poor and/or minority voters.

  17. 政府唔係話有十二年免費教育嘅咩?點解而家D學校收哂學費?你話呢D係書簿費就冇野好講姐,但而家呢D學校變左私校喎!玩乜撚野?陳兄你呢篇野正呀!呢班自作聰明嘅家長,仲唔撚知個D學校仲係奉行「華人與狗(而家應該叫窮人與狗),不得內進」呢D傳統,成班校長都係銀行家,仲唔同呢D濕鳩細路「逐舊棉花同你計」乎?最好將呢篇文「文明化」左之後投稿,睇下呢D濕鳩家長幾「用心良苦」,掟D細路入尊貴醬缸大搞。

  18. This is so beautifully written and it tugs at my heart. It reminds me of the first time I fell in love with travel (also alone) and it was also with Italy. Maybe it is just a magical place, with all the hub-bub, the madness, the church bells breaking the quiet mornings, the food?? I also remember feeling scared that I would venture off to a new continent on my own with no one there to greet me. This is wonderful. Thank you for bringing back the memories.

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  21. A basque poem for Tommy RobinsonMY FATHER´S HOUSEThey´ll take my weapons and with bare hands I shall defend my father´s house.They´ll cut off my hands andwith my armsI shall defend my father´s houseThey´ll leave mewithout arms,without shoulders,without chest and with my soulI shall defend my father´s house.I will die,my soul will be lost,my offsprings will be lost,but my father´s housewill remainstanding.


  23. Mi scusi, ma le pietre sono praticamente nella stessa posizione della foto più antica…è logico raddrizzare e rimettere al proprio posto quelle che sono cadute…non andiamo a cercare anche il pelo nell'uovo..si rischia di essere un po' ridicoli..Se una pietra è stata spostata di 50 cm, chiunque parli di allineamenti misteriosamente precisi rischia di prendere un granchio. Tutto qui.

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  25. Well, give “The Times On-line” credit for getting the part about ‘not having a right to be offended’ stated correctly and for the record. Remember that Islam demands no one be allowed to “insult Allah, Mo, or the rest.” To the extent that Wilders speaks nothing but the truth, no matter how embarrassing or distressing for practitioners of Islam in today’s PC atmosphere, he must be allowed to do so. After all, anyone who has ever read ahadith, the Qu’ran, or any of the multiple bios of Mo will learn that he was a paedophile, multiple rapist, and cold blooded murderer. These are historical and Islamically accepted truths that cannot be papered-over by claiming to be “offended”.

  26. It’s interesting what you say about not allowing unmoderated comments – we had quite a long debate about this at ‘Reviews’, and decided that if we forced people to create accounts, and to wait to see their comment, that would put them off. So, rather foolhardily, we allow anyone to comment and their comments appear immediately – and I moderate them afterwards. However, as you rightly point out, there are problems with this – sometimes spam, and occasionally offensiveness. I wonder what the best halfway house between immediacy for the user and control for the community is?

  27. Brian: The alarmingly nosed Doctor Elephant features in them both, I see!Mayowa: No offence was intended, as I had checked the spammer's ISP, and it was Nigerian. I understand your frustration, but please don't go off half-cocked in future.

  28. Rone, nehodnotím celý systém, jako to děláte Vy, jen jsem uvedl příklad, že soukromé není ideální, jako Vy jste předtím uvedl podobně u státního. Nemyslím si, že v jen soukromém nastaveném na zisk se budeme mít lépe, stejně jako si nemyslím, že řešením je stoprocentně státní. Jedno má doplňovat druhé a každé má své klady a zápory.

  29. Lauri olkiukkoilee…"Eläimiin sekaantuminen tai aikuisten välinen vapaaehtoinen insesti ovat täysin yhtä perusteltuja kuin homosuhteet."Melkein luulisi tarkoituksen olevan itsetarkoituksellinen provosointi.Sitäpaitsi, utilitarismistakin löytyy perusteet insestin, pedofilian ja eläimiin sekaantumisen kieltämiselle.

  30. Let private citizens’s and churchs’ lawns be filed with the testimony to the birth of Christ! It is not even an issue if done this way. But what will Atheists do if they have no one to sue, criticize, file lawsuits againts or complain about? Atheists can cease promoting their self-centered “religion” also.

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  32. I agree with shawna. I don’t think Siri is any different than looking up informtion on your phone, because if Siri can steal the companies information then looking at your work e-mail on your Iphone allows the companies infortmaion to be seen allowing it easy to get their information.

  33. MD Paris, FranceBTW, french laws say that”Any physician or health care professional, however, who does not make disclosures at least this detailed when speaking or writing on a topic relevant to the marketing of his or her corporate sponsor’s products or services is being deceptive and dishonest.”But no one cares at such a level, money buys everything…far beyond simple dishonesty…so claims are exceptional ones…

  34. Great overview. Although I’m not playing Vanguard right now, I keep coming back to it, and will again.One note, though: it’s not quite true to say that there are no additional effects on swimming. In Vanguard, some water has a current, that’ll move you downstream as you swim. This is most noticable in certain rivers, and the strength varies river by river; one of the rivers on Thestra will sweep you WAY downstream of you try to swim across it.Best implementation of water? Well, no. But I’m also not aware of any other game that does this.

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  36. Thanks for all the info on coconut oil and healthy fats – I knew that coconut was good for you, but not the specifics. My family has a history of underactive thyroids, and I also have trouble with digestion, so looks like I need to make this ASAP! Thanks for the tip on how to make coconut oil in a food processor as well.

  37. “…many of these latino invaders aren’t even literate in spanish when they get here.”It is not a well-known fact, but some of the mestizo kids come in to high school in the US with what amounts to a second grade education. High school teachers end up doing a lot of catch-up work, which is why CA’s new mandate of all 8th grade students taking algebra is laughable (unless you are a middle school math teacher, then it’s just painful), as many of the students do not even know their times tables.God bless,Laurel

  38. antidoteyou ever watch the people in the pub during the football?the sit silently during all the big budget guinness and car ads.then when wickes “just the job” comes on they all nugde each other point at the tv and laugh.makes me smile every time.

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  40. Can anyone believe that Obama picked North Carolina to win March Madness? The Tarheels had already been exposed twice by Florida State and didn't even win their conference. Plus, they lost their point guard.North carolina is a swing state that Obama barely won last time. By picking NC, Obama must be playing dirty Chicago politics.It's clear that either Baylor or Notre Dame is going to win this tournament. The conspiracy to support North Carolina is yet another slap in the face of the Cold Case Posse.

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  54. Pierre Assouline, la fonction que vous accordez à la parenthèse relative à Saïd est inintelligible dans le passage suivant:« Selon lui, dans leurs traductions, les Européens accréditent leur vision d’un univers folklorique issu des Mille et une nuits, charriant des clichés sur l’homosexualité, le harem et le roi des rois Shahryar, qui ne sont pas représentatifs de la culture et de la tradition musulmanes (encore qui a lu trop vite L’Orientalisme. L’Orient créé par l’Occident, 1978, du regretté Edward Saïd). »

  55. “election sooner or later”I was wondering about that. On the Cup Fever show on SBS on Saturday night Conroy, when asked about watching world cup finals, made the comment “I was there for France ’98, Germany, and, depending on when the election is called, I may be a chance for South Africa.”Given it’s on 14th July, maybe he just let something slip.Perhaps he’ll let the filter slip too…

  56. A democracia brasileira ainda não atingiu níveis de civilidade de um povo que valorize a LIBERDADE. Há em grande parte da população, resquícios de autoritarismo do período ditatorial. Acostumaram-se a ter o coturno nas nádegas e o cassetete nas costas. Quando seremos capazes de emancipar-nos das velhas ideologias e decidirmos os nossos próprios caminhos?

  57. Great photos… I LOVE how you all dress alike, that is just too cute. I did that with my boys when they were little and my hubs and I will dress similar, but I totally ADORE your outfits!! =)I know what you mean about new computers, or switching from laptop to desktop to iPad… UGH! I have almost all my photos on flash drives now so that whatever I am working on (sans iPad) I can use whatever photo I want… provided I can find it on the 4 flash drives. It sounded like a good idea at the time. =\\

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  68. Is there any evidence that the saguaro itself is fake, and that it conceals an antenna of any sort…or is it real and just obscuring the view of the brown unit that houses the transmitting meter…These 5-foot tall installations (brown in this instance) are found in many communities where the power lines are underground. BTW, I don’t deny that the cactus *may* be a fake–or that there are plenty of “cell trees” out there–but the unsubstantiated hype and has got to stop….UGH.

  69. YIPPY SKIPPY! I finally found some chocolate wafers and made these. My bows were not nearly as sweet looking and perfect as yours were, but I could rectify that with a smaller tip on my frosting bag next year. Thank you for making me a minor (and short-lived, I’m guessing, but hey, I’ll take what I can get) legend in the neighborhood!

  70. “After chatting with Owen about the ordeal, it sounds like there were a couple of times when he was in tricky situations.” – some people just never want to learn. A lot of energy and time unnecessarily wasted for a lot of people. He’s lucky that it’s Thailand otherwise he might have been fucked.

  71. Oh là là, faut arrêter de crier au blasphème. Aucun souvenir du décalogue ? « Tu ne te feras point d’image taillée, ni de représentation quelconque des choses qui sont en haut dans les cieux, qui sont en bas sur la terre, et qui sont dans les eaux plus bas que la terre. »Là, en l’occurrence, c’est « simplement » une dégradation d’oeuvre d’art, digne d’un dessin d’un enfant de 5 ans. Honteux aussi, mais pas besoin d’invoquer un quelconque dieu.

  72. Bonjour micropoint,Tout d’abord, la signature est en haut à droite du blog Ensuite, la routine en question n’est pas celle de son jeu mais de tout le reste, les à-côté, permettant à Nadal de se concentrer exclusivement sur son tennis, justement.Enfin, Rafael Nadal est sans doute le joueur qui a le plus su faire évoluer son jeu depuis son arrivée sur le circuit.Ne me faites pas dire ce que je n’ai pas dit Bonne soirée et à très vite sur Balle de Break

  73. There was absolutely no crowd response when you were “killing it kade-style” on the mic. No cheers, no claps, nothing. Also, how would you “kick” someone’s ass by telling them their show is brilliant? I think you mean “kiss.” Finally, please either edit or- even better- delete the entire sentence towards the end of the second paragraph that babbled about a video Sarah Silverman’s sister made (or something to that nature). It was such a poorly-written sentence that we have no fucking clue what you were trying to explain.

  74. AAAAAAAAAH, this dress is too, too amazing. My mother has a golden, vintage, flapper-style dress from her days in high school that I have always envied–and this is like staring into a shiny, sleek, elegant piece of her past and my own future, if only the auspicious forces of bloglovin' will be on my side. I would style it with my classy black heels and a thin snakeskin, gold-clasped belt.

  75. Michael 4:47 “We are all prejudiced and biased. The question is: Is your bias the correct one?”Michael, you are a delight to have on this forum. You express yourself clearly without playing games like some others. The bias I have is an effort to treat every law abiding citizen equally. I think this is what our founding fathers intended, except for the salvery/black issue. Conversely, I think the Bible’s rules of picking out groups who are obeying laws and trying to help make the world a better and demonizing them are wrong.

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  140. sarah- tbh, I don’t like to be reminded of how much time is left. It feels like it’s been forever already. Do you realize that it’s already been almost a year since most US fans have seen or heard from him? I was thinking about that last night…He did the mini-tour last October, right (I think)? Then the Asian tour in November. Then…he was basically gone.

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